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Swim FAQs

Yes, this is mandatory for all of our events and must cover the torso & thighs. It must NOT cover the hands and feet.
If you wish to wear two swim hats that is fine but the issued swim hat MUST be worn on top.
Although BTF rules have now allowed backstroke we will not allow you to do this stroke. Front facing strokes only.
Yes you will have 1 hour to complete each lap.
We check conditions through the year and communicate with lifeguards & harbour masters to ensure the water is safe and there are no rip currents. BTF triathlon rules dictate that a wetsuit must be worn for swims between 3,000 & 4,000 metres where the water is below 16°C.
There is a fully qualified & professional swim safety team present in the water, with kayaks and motor boats to ensure a quick response. The Water safety team will be in the water from half an hour before race start up until the last athlete exits the water. This allows for acclimatisation before the race start.


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